Why I love farmers

by | Apr 1, 2018 | Farmers, Trees

My name is Kara Arnold and I have been working with World Tree for four years.  I began with World tree before our Free Tree Program was born, and have been so happy to watch it grow and expand beyond the tiny company we began as.  

The thing that drew me to World Tree was the beautiful trees and all the ways they can, and are, improving the world.  Having two little girls just starting out in this crazy world, has me thinking about the impact we make and the legacy we leave.  The wonder in their eyes while watching my tree grow from a tiny plant to a towering tree, ‘taller than daddy’, in less than a year was enough to be impressed by; but I know that by working with farmers and growers across the country I am helping to leave this place in a better position than it was when my girls entered this world.

Working with Farmers

The thing that has kept me with World Tree are the wonderful farmers and their passion for growing.  Land that lies unused has new life brought to it through the planting of these trees, opening the door for many other income streams from the same piece of land.  Farmers are starting up beekeeping to take advantage of the nectar produced in the beautiful flowers.  Other farmers are using the shade created between their rows of trees to plant shade loving crops, or protect their livestock from harsh rays.  This means that land transforms from an area of no use to an area producing yearly profit in the intercropping and a large profit every 10 years with the harvest of lumber.  I am creating a relationship with these farmers and we share in their life as the trees grow.  I have celebrated births, been greatly affected by deaths, and shared in the daily lives of our farmers.  I count my farmers as friends and I look forward to meeting many more!

Working with World Tree

There are many reasons to become a grower with World Tree, I hope the primary of those is that we strive to work with all of our contacts so everyone can win. At world tree we say money can grow on trees and it does when we plant empress trees.  Farmers come back with beautiful images of trees that started out smaller than their hands, and now tower above them in just the first year.  Trees are the lungs of the earth and a tree that can make a tract of land go from barren and useless to a beautiful forrest is the best step in the right direction.

One of the most common things I hear is that farmers are planting these trees to create a legacy for their children.  The harvest will pay for college educations, expansion of holdings and even comfortable retirements.  The Empress Splendor is a non invasive tree with a rich history.  Fossils have been discovered across the world of this tree meaning it has had roots all around the world for many centuries.  When you can watch it grow up so tall, so fast, it is easy to see just why it has been a treasured part of many families lives.  

When deciding to plant these trees you can rest assured that you will have a repeated harvest of beautiful hardwood, without replanting.  I hope one day to count YOU as one of my farmer friends.  Please do not hesitate to call or email in to talk to myself, or any other member of our farmer support team, we can’t wait to meet you!

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