The “Three P’s” of Paulownia – A Deeper Dive


The Benefits and Challenges of Paulownia – they are not what you think!

Wednesday 17 June, 12 noon PST / 3pm EST

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Are you new to timber investing? Are you wondering about the lumber market, and how Paulownia fits? Do you have questions about pricing and returns? If you have been asking yourselves these questions, you don’t want to miss our webinar this week.

Our CEO, Doug Willmore will be addressing these questions – and more – on the webinar. This presentation will be a deep-dive into the market, the facts, the projections and how Paulownia is the ideal eco-timber to meet future demands.

Join Doug for this rare opportunity to learn:  

  • The advantages and challenges of Paulownia (Empress) lumber – they are not what you might think!
  • Why knowledgeable investors have been talking about trees for decades
  • The outlook for timber investing and global demand
  • Uses, prices and the market for Paulownia
  • How Paulownia address the three Ps (people, planet and profit)
  • Why private, for-profit companies are essential to reversing climate change

This webinar is a MUST for current and future investors who have been asking questions about Paulownia lumber. Everyone is welcome.

Deep Green Investing

Find out how World Tree investors are using the power of their dollars to implement real change

What people are saying

World Tree is one of those rare investments that is fantastic for all three: the planet, people, and profits! Everyone should have some of it in their portfolio!!!

Terry Mollner

Founding Board Member, Calvert Social Funds

I invested in World Tree because I love the company’s mission and culture, I love having the opportunity to offset my family’s carbon footprint, and I love the possibility of making a good return on my investment.
What makes World Tree different is that the company has a wholistic view to its operations.  The company has designed its offering to empower farmers, give investors of all means a way to participate, and all the while take care of people and the planet.
Rob Khoury

Managing Member, Agile Rainmakers LLC

I’ve devoted nearly three decades to branding, marketing and growing businesses, from Fortune 50s to garage startups, that create and capture significant value. Organizations that do important work for many of us, and ideally all of us. And teams of salt-of-the-earth people that make me smile.

So when I first caught word of World Tree’s team, vision and model, its farmer-first collaboratives with boots already on the ground, and its ROI well beyond the balance sheet, it was an instant and total no-brainer. I had to get involved.

Seriously. To create economic opportunity, reverse climate change, and further beautify our world all at the same time? Did I mention it’s a no-brainer? Bottom line (triple or otherwise), love these folks and all they’re doing for all of us. Looking forward to years of smiles ahead.

Colin Mangham

Founder and Managing Director, Biomimcry LA

At 3Sisters Sustainable Management, Inc, we believe that innovation is the key to creating future value, both in terms of impact and in financial terms. World Tree is a true innovator in multiple ways: many years of research to breed a tree that will sequester more carbon than any other tree while producing the lightest, fastest growing hardwood with the finest grain for multiple purposes; then innovating with a business model that benefits the growers who put in the work, above investors and the company, while projecting outlandish returns for all stakeholders!

Ben Bingham

Founder and CEO, 3Sisters Sustainable Management, LLC

World Tree in the media

The Benefits and Challenges of Paulownia – they are not what you think!

Wednesday 17 June, 12 noon PST / 3pm EST

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Farmers Almanac

“Possibly the world’s most amazing tree.”



Bloomberg Businessweek

“We already have the world’s most efficient carbon capture technology.”

Devin Thorpe

“This tree packs a punch for investors in the fight to reverse climate change.”

Restoring the lungs of Mother Earth

To fuel its fast growth rate the Empress tree absorbs extraordinary amounts of carbon

One acre of trees can …

Provide economic resilience to farmers in North and Latin America.

Absorb up to 90 tons of CO2 in one year, 4 x the footprint of an average North American.

Drop 22,000 lbs of nutrient rich leaves, returning 100 kgs of nitrogen to the soil every year.

Produce up to 33,000 bf of eco-timber within 10 years as an alternate to old growth hardwoods.

Produce nectar-rich flowers; bees can collect enough pollen for 100 jars of honey per year.

Provide much needed shelter to companion plants such as coffee, cacao and plantains.

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