Scott Landreau: World Tree Farmer Champion

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There is little doubt that the best way for people to find out about World Tree and the farmer program by word of mouth. Many of our current farmers have joined the program is based on the recommendations of friends, family members or neighbors. That’s why we created the Farmer Referral Program to encourage farmers to refer new farmers to the program, and to compensate them $500 for each 20 acres planted as a result of their recommendations.

One of our many new farmers, Scott Landreau, joined the farmer program this way and has been actively promoting it to others. Scott’s land in Hatchechubbee, AL has been in his family for over 80 years. When raising cattle became no longer profitable, Scott was looking for something else to do with the property. He considered planting pine, but the high upfront costs and long timeline for returns didn’t appeal to him.

Scott LandreauIn late 2019, Scott heard about World Tree’s farmer program and the Empress tree from his nephew. He was immediately intrigued by the prospect of growing a new type of fast-growing crop and the fact that the trees were provided to the farmers at no cost. Scott then spoke to 2 existing World Tree farmers who both highly recommended World Tree and the farmer program. Based on their recommendations, he contacted World Tree to find out more, the rest, as they say, is history!

This spring Scott planted his first 12 acres of Empress trees. The experience so far has been so positive that he plans to plant another 12 acres next year and may purchase more qualifying land in the future. He says, “With World Tree there are not a lot of up front costs and there potential for great returns after 10 years, so it seemed worth taking a chance.”

It has also become a family affair with his wife Michelle (pictured with him above) helping with the planting and care of the trees, and his brother Stuart Landreau (who owns 50% of the farm with Scott) also helping out regularly on the farm. Scott feels this has given them valuable family time to spend together that they would not have had otherwise.

Scott has become a major champion of the World Tree farmer program and has recommended the program to many friends and neighbors. Even strangers passing by the farm stop and ask what kind of trees he has planted. He has no hesitation sharing the program with anyone who is curious. “I try to tell everybody who comes by…. It’s been a good experience for us.”

Scott has also taken advantage of the World Tree farmer referral program and has made $500 so far, and will likely make substantially more next year when additional contacts join the program.

Contact roy@worldtree.info who would be happy to talk to you about the referral program, how it works, and how you can qualify.


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