How to plant an Empress tree

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There are many ways to plant an Empress tree. World Tree prefers to use methods that are kind to the land and the tree and one of the best ways to do that is “spot planting”.  Rather than till the whole field, farmers can create localized planting spots, ideally about four feet wide and four feet deep

In this video Alex demonstrates the spot planting method. He explains that the ideal location is a mound with a shallow depression. The shallow depression is to catch the rainwater and anchor the tree solidly. The mound itself assists with drainage, especially when there is a lot of winter rainfall.

The tree is planted above the surface but well below the top of the mound. This provides the ideal balance of protection for the tree and access to sunlight.

It’s so important to get the first planting right and get the trees off to a good start. Watch this video to see Alex explain each step of the planting process.

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