Have you heard about the tree that will save the world?

From small beginnings...

This Empress tree, just a few weeks old,  has the potential to change the future for families, farmers and the planet.

...big dreams can grow...

In 6 months the Empress tree can grow 9 feet tall or higher, sucking up carbon dioxide and providing shade for neighbouring plants.

...providing quality hardwood in 10 years.

The Empress tree is the fastest growing tree in the world and can be sustainably harvested for its lumber in just 10 years.

We are uniting farmers...

World Tree works with farmers in North and Central America. We give the trees for free to the farmers who grow them in return for a share of the revenue on harvest.

…with impact investors

Investors provide the funding and share in the profits on harvest.

Restoring the lungs of Mother Earth

Due to their fast growth rate, the leaves of the Empress tree drawdown more carbon dioxide than any other tree.



Are you investing for impact?

Invest in eco-timber production in North and Central America
Offset your carbon footprint for life
Support farmers in North and Latin America
Revitalize the land

Are you looking for an opportunity to impact climate change while at the same time generating a financial return? The World Tree Carbon Offset Program is a sustainable timber investment based on the Empress Splendor tree, the fastest growing tree in the world.

Empress trees provide valuable hardwood lumber within just 10 years. They also absorb 11 times more carbon than any other tree. Participants in the program both offset their carbon footprint and share in the profits, if any, of the sale of the lumber.

World Tree investments are available in Canada and the USA.


A truly green, impact investment based on the Empress Splendor tree available in USA and Canada.

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Get started growing the Empress with free trees, training and on-going support.

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The Empress Tree

A fast-growing hardwood tree that reaches maturity within 10 years, providing sustainable timber.

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