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Seeking Farmers for 2021 Planting

Free trees, training, and support
Fast-growing tree suitable for inter-cropping
Valuable lumber within 10 years
World Tree sells the lumber and shares the profit 50/50

We are looking for farmers to grow Empress Splendor trees. We provide the trees, you provide the land and together we share in the profits. Do you have fallow land that’s just waiting for the right opportunity?

Whether it’s through depleted soil or land that is too expensive to farm, your unused acreage is taking money out of your pocket. World Tree provides a way that you can get started with a highly profitable crop, with the full support and experience of our team.

How it works

World Tree is looking for farmers in appropriate growing zones to grow and take care of our Empress trees.

We provide premium quality Empress tree (Paulownia) Startlings, as well as onsite visits, training, and support over the 10-year growing cycle. Our intention is to support you in producing high-quality lumber and together we share in the profits upon harvest.

Empress lumber is highly sought after and in the current market sells for between $3 and $14 a board foot. It produces a lightweight, blonde hardwood that is used for furniture, veneers, surfboards, paddle boards, musical instruments and much more. World Tree will find a buyer and take care of the harvest.

As the farmer, you will receive 50% of whatever we make on the sale of the lumber. For example, a well-managed plantation yields approximately 30,000 board feet of lumber per acre. If we sold this for $3 a board foot (the current market low) we would receive $90,000. As a farmer, you would receive $45,000 per acre.

The program is funded by World Tree’s investors who also share in any profits from the harvest. Once harvested, Empress Splendor trees regenerate from the stump and can be grown again for up to seven harvests. After the first harvest, the trees belong entirely to you and you can reap the benefit of all future harvests.

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We are looking for farmers who have …

Farmland in zones 7 through 11
Elevation less than 2200 feet
Clay sandy loam soil or better
At least 10-20 acres of available land

Your success is our success. World Tree only makes money on the harvest when you do. We will support you every step of the way, making sure that your trees are well managed so they produce the highest quality lumber possible. Specifically you will receive:

  • A minimum of 1100 trees (10 acres)
  • Individualized support to ensure successful growth
  • Access to the ‘Growers Guide’ and online support materials
  • 50% share of all the profits of the sale of the lumber
  • Lumber currently sells for $3-$14 per board foot or more, depending on quality
  • A well-managed plantation produces 30,000 board feet of lumber per acre
  • A buyer for the lumber that World Tree brings to you
  • You keep the trees after the first harvest

About the Empress tree

Genus: Paulownia
Growing zone: 7-11
Soil: Clay, sandy loam or better Elevation: Less than 2200 ft
Time to maturity: 10 years
Sells for: $3-$14 per board foot Board foot per acre: 30,000

How to Qualify

The first step in becoming a World Tree farmer is to speak with us. Fill in the contact form below and either Roy, Nick or Kara from our farmer support team will give you a call.

Or you can email us directly for more information. The most important factor in determining if this program is a fit for you is your land location. You need to have at least 10 acres of suitable land in one of our growing areas to qualify. See the map below for our current growing locations (where green areas are ideal, and yellow areas are potential growing areas depending on your exact location).

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