Summer 2020 Upcoming Events

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Live Farmer Webinar Series: Farmer Referral Program

Thursday, August 13th, 7 PM ET

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There is no better way for people to find out about World Tree than word of mouth. We greatly appreciate and value your sharing our Farmer Program with your friends, family and neighbours – and we will pay you for every successful for referral.

Are you a World Tree Farmer? Are you interested in becoming a World Tree Ambassador? Would you like to get paid for your referrals? Do you have ideas for how we could support you in sharing World Tree more effectively.

Join us for this Special webinar/conversation with World Tree’s President Dr Cathy Key to find out more.

Eco-Tree farmer family in Alabama

Live Farmer Webinar Series: New Future for Farmers

Thursday, August 20th, 7 PM ET

Register via Zoom Webinar here.

Do you have land on your farm that is going to waste? Perhaps you have planted pine or other crops that have left the soil depleted. Or maybe you are looking to diversify your crops with something new.

World Tree offers a program for farmers to plant and grow Paulownia (Empress) trees. Paulownia is the fastest growing tree in the world, reaching hardwood maturity in just 10 years.

World Tree provides premium Paulownia saplings to qualifying farmers for free in exchange for the care and maintenance of the trees while they grow through to the first harvest. World Tree finds the buyer for lumber in 10 years, and splits any profits 50/50 with the farmer. After the first harvest, the trees belong 100% to the farmers. The trees will grow back from the same root system up to 7 more times, so no need to replant.

This webinar is designed to answer all your questions, so you can decide if World Tree’s program is a fit for you and your farm. This includes:

What are benefits of growing trees, and why Paulownia?
What does it take to grow Paulownia successfully?
What are the potential costs and profits from participating in the program?
What is Paulownia lumber used for and how much does it sell for?
How do I qualify as a World Tree farmer?

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