Celebrating the Difference You Make

Community, Investment

The World Tree Carbon Offset Program is only possible because of some very special people: Our farmers who plant and grow the trees, our investors who fund the program and our champions who share their love of World Tree. As we complete 2017 we want to say a heart-felt THANK YOU to all of you for your love, commitment and support.

This slideshow presents some of the highlights of 2017. We had to compress it for quality – but even so we hope you will enjoy seeing pictures of the farmers and their trees – as well as pictures of our adventures meeting great people like Joel Solomon and MP Elizabeth May. We recommend you turn the volume up!

Happy Holidays to all our friends, farmers and supporters. Wishing you all a joyful holiday and a prosperous new year.


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The Science of Paulownia

Dr. Nirmal Joshee is a scientist at Fort Valley State University in Georgia who has been studying Paulownia (aka the Empress tree) for 14 years. We were excited to meet him and his team, who have been given a large grant to further our understanding of the properties...

Welcome to Empress Acres

“This place is perfect!” said Alex Jay, our plantation manager, the first time he visited Vancouver Island, BC in the summer of 2016. The soil, temperature and rainfall on Vancouver Island are in the goldilocks zone for our Empress cold hybrid variety which was very...