Farmer Progress – 2016 planting

by | Aug 22, 2018 | Farmers, Trees

Every year World Tree plants a new vintage of trees with our farmers on behalf of our investors. The trees for our 2015 investors were planted with farmers in the Spring and Summer of 2016. These trees all started out as small ‘bare roots’, that look like a piece of ginseng.

The first 12 months was focused on growth of the leaves and root system. The second year was about coppicing back the trees, literally cutting them down to the ground, so that those mature roots can grow big, healthy trunks. This year is all about keeping the momentum going by adding new growth to the trunk and pruning the trees so that all the energy goes into growing the trunk and not the branches.

Over the last few months, the World Tree have been visiting our farmers to see how they are doing and to support them in maintaining the trees. Our visits and surveys will continue throughout the year into the fall.

We thought you would enjoy seeing some pictures from our farmers – it is amazing to see how far these trees have come in just a couple of years. Most of these pictures were taken 3 months ago  – so we’re expecting to see even more growth as the summer continues.