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Join our group of investors who are using their dollars to reverse climate change. 



Get started growing the Empress with free trees, training and on-going support.


The Empress Tree

A fast-growing hardwood that reaches maturity within 10 years, providing sustainable timber.


The World Tree Eco-Tree Program

Over 1000 investors and 100 farmers have already joined the Eco-Tree Program. Watch our video to see how by working together we can make a real difference in reversing climate change, while creating tangible economic benefits for everyone.

Deep Green Investing

Investors are using the power of their dollars to implement real change

Impact Investing for Real Change

Sustainable timber investment based on the Empress Splendor tree
Healthy soil for future generations 
Powerful carbon drawdown
Supports farmers in North and Latin America

Are you looking for an opportunity to impact climate change and make a positive difference with your investment? You are not alone. A new wave of planet-conscious investors are using their dollars to support carbon farming, soil wealth and regenerative agriculture. World Tree is part of this global movement; uniting farmers and investors in a collaboration that we call the Eco-Tree Program.

The Eco-Tree Program is based on the Empress Splendor, the fastest growing tree in the world. The tree’s rapid growth rate and impressive carbon absorption make it one of the most efficient ways we can drawdown carbon. In fact, one acre of trees will absorb four times as much carbon in one year than an average person produces. 

World Tree grows the Empress tree with our network of farmers in North and Latin America. The farmers provide the land, labor and care of the trees under World Tree’s guidance. The Eco-Tree Program is funded by investors, where every $3,000 invested allows us to plant 1 acre of trees. The trees grow so fast that they will reach maturity within 10 years, producing a beautiful lightweight hardwood. World Tree will sell the lumber and share a percentage of any profits with our investors and farmers. 

Over 1000 investors and 100 farmers have joined the Eco-Tree Program since its inception in 2015. World Tree currently has 2000 acres of Empress Trees under management and intends to more than double our impact over the next year. 

Our 2020 Investment round is now open


World Tree in the media

Farmers Almanac

“Possibly the world’s most amazing tree.”



Bloomberg Businessweek

“We already have the world’s most efficient carbon capture technology.”

Devin Thorpe

“This tree packs a punch for investors in the fight to reverse climate change.”

Opportunities for farmers to thrive

World Tree works with farmers in North and Latin America. We give the trees to the farmers for free and they grow them in return for a share of any profits on harvest.

Our future is our farmers

Free trees, training and support for farmers
Fast growing tree produces timber within 10 years
Nitrogen rich leaves restore the soil
Intercrops with coffee, plantains, ginseng and other shade-loving plants

The heart of our Eco-Tree Program is our farmers. Nobody knows and understands the importance of our land better than a farmer, yet many are struggling to make ends meet. In many parts of the United States, decades of growing pine has depleted the soil leaving it useless for other crops. World Tree’s goal is to reverse this trend. A single Empress tree drops 200 lbs of nitrogen-rich leaves each year. The roots of Empress trees also take atmospheric nitrogen and convert it into useable soil nutrients, restoring the soil and making it suitable for other plants. Together, with our farmers, we are rebuilding the soil and bringing life back to the land. 

It is critical that we align environmental and economic goals. We provide the farmers with the Empress trees for free, and give them the training and support they need to grow premium timber. The farmers receive 50% of any profits from the harvest. Then, something magical happens. The Empress tree regenerates from the stump and regrows without replanting. The trees will do this many times, providing the farmer with an ongoing source of revenue for up to 70 years. 

World Tree also provides trees to farmers in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico. For these farmers, the trees provide much needed shade for plants like coffee. The added revenue stream from the timber helps to build their economic diversity, as they are less dependent on a single crop. 

World Tree is currently seeking farmers in select areas of the United States, Costa Rica, Mexico and Guatemala for our 2020 planting. 


3 months


1 year


10 years

Restoring the lungs of Mother Earth

To fuel its fast growth rate the Empress tree absorbs extraordinary amounts of carbon

A natural choice for climate action

Powerful carbon drawdown to restore our climate 
Direct action on 7 of the United Nations sustainable development goals
Nitrogen rich leaves restore the soil
Provides future income for farmers in North and Latin America

It’s hard to ignore the impacts of climate change and the sheer power of nature. We are dealing with the extremes of flash flooding, scorching droughts and forest fires. Meanwhile, each of us struggles with what we can do in our personal and professional lives to mitigate and reverse the effects of climate change on our societies and ecosystems.

Carbon emissions are one of the primary drivers of global warming. While many companies are developing technologies to extract carbon, World Tree looks to the natural world for our inspiration. Mother Nature contains at her very essence the ability to heal and regenerate. This is embodied in the Empress tree, which has naturally evolved a very efficient form of photosynthesis that draws down extraordinary amounts of carbon dioxide. In fact, in every year of growth, 1 acre of Empress trees will clean up the annual carbon footprint of up to 4 people.

In addition to her carbon eating qualities, the Empress tree provides other important benefits. Her nitrogen fixing leaves and root systems provide a natural fertilizer to the soil, and her springtime flowers support honey bees. One acre of trees can produce 100 jars of honey a year.

United in impacting the lives of people and the planet

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals were developed to focus our intelligence and creativity to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. The Eco-Tree Program impacts 7 of the 17 goals. We are proud to be running a program that defies regular conventions of what’s possible. Our business model is designed to tackle poverty and provide economic growth to farmers in North and Latin America. This is critical. To really reverse climate change and to address social inequality, we need to create economic models that are inclusive, cooperative and non-partisan.

One acre of trees can …

Provide economic resilience to farmers in North and Latin America.

Absorb up to 90 tons of CO2 in one year, 4 x the footprint of an average North American.

Drop 22,000 lbs of nutrient rich leaves, returning 100 kgs of nitrogen to the soil every year.

Produce up to 33,000 bf of eco-timber within 10 years as an alternate to old growth hardwoods.

Produce nectar-rich flowers; bees can collect enough pollen for 100 jars of honey per year.

Provide much needed shelter to companion plants such as coffee, cacao and plantains.

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